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Firm Files Amicus Brief on Behalf of Authors in The Authors Guild v. Google

By on Apr 15, 2014 |

On April 14, HMS attorneys Gloria Phares and Chris Strong filed an amicus brief in the Second Circuit supporting the Authors Guild in its hotly contested case against Google over the use of copyrighted works in the Google Books Library Project, The Authors Guild v. Google, Inc., 13-4829-cv. The brief was filed on behalf of a diverse group of seventeen authors, including Pulitzer Prize winning nonfiction writers, Booker Prize winning novelists, and a Nobel laureate. The amici take the position that Google’s decision to copy tens of millions of books is not a fair use, and that the district court’s decision stretched this doctrine far beyond its limits. The brief, filed on behalf of Malcom Gladwell, J.M. Coetzee, Michael Pollan, Margaret Atwood and thirteen other authors is available here.