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Representative Matters

Representative matters



  • Defended a leading contact-lens company at trial in the Middle District of Florida
  • Represented a blood-glucose-monitoring company against makers of disposable test strips in the Northern District of California, District of Nevada, Western District of North Carolina, and at the Federal Circuit
  • Represented a major surgical-device company in patent litigation involving ultrasonic surgical instruments in Ohio
  • Represented a hypoxic tent manufacturer on appeal at the Federal Circuit
  • Assessed trading algorithm patents for a major financial services company
  • Defended importer of automotive parts in Tennessee

Trademark and Copyright

  • Represented a television production company in a breach-of-contract action, including a multi-week trial in New York and on appeal
  • Represented a beer-making kit company in a trademark dispute against a brewery
  • Represented a major winery in a trademark dispute in the Southern District of New York
  • Represented photographers in copyright disputes with industry publications
  • Represented an international author in a contract dispute with a publishing company

Commercial Disputes

  • Represented a small business owner in a partnership dispute over natural wellness products in New York
  • Represented lenders in business loan disputes
  • Represented a television production company in a contractual dispute with an agency
  • Evaluated malpractice claims stemming from patent litigation
  • Served as local counsel in New York federal and state court for litigations in various industries
  • Negotiated contracts on behalf of a television production company