Bridging the gap between law and science

Why HMS?



We bridge the gap between law and science

Science is front and center in today’s litigation: from patent suits over the newest technology, to copyright protection in the digital era, and causation in complex tort cases. Success turns on getting these issues right and exposing your opponent’s flaws in an easy-to-understand way. Many excellent lawyers—and judges—are uncomfortable with science. The best know to seek help. That’s where we come in. Our backgrounds as engineers, as well as our experience working on all stages of multi-hundred-million-dollar patent cases, have prepared us to resolve any scientific problem. We are equally comfortable dissecting complicated topics with experts or explaining the science behind an issue in a simple, plain-English way to other lawyers, a judge or jury.


We tell a compelling story

It’s one thing to spot the issues in a case. But what wins is presenting the facts and law in a compelling narrative—as we’ve seen first hand as both federal law clerks and advocates in complex civil trials. At HMS, the story drives the case from the beginning. Whether we’re taking a deposition, working with an expert on a report, or writing a brief, we think about how this piece fits into a narrative that will convince the judge, jury, or opposing party. This mindset helps us focus on what will advance the ball, without wasting time on fruitless tasks.


We’ll show you how your case looks from different angles

Coming up with an argument in support of your position is easy. We strive to do more—to view the problem from all sides, finding the strengths and weaknesses in both your side’s case and your opponent’s. That makes our advocacy that much better. But we also recognize that winning in court is not the only measure of success. We won’t hesitate to tell you if a motion isn’t worth making or a case isn’t worth bringing. And we’re always looking for creative solutions to efficiently reach your goals, with or without litigation.


We’re easy to work with

We’re flexible—happy to partner with other firms, consult on scientific issues, do a part of a case, or handle entire cases ourselves. We like to collaborate, among ourselves and with others. Our lean operation means efficient work and the ability to tailor our service arrangements to fit your needs and goals.


We’re a team

Before forming Hoffmann Marshall Strong, we practiced together at Patterson Belknap Webb & Tyler where we worked side by side on many high-stakes cases, including trials. At Patterson, we learned from great mentors how to present cases in their best light. We also learned that we enjoy working together and that our strengths complement each others’. We are excited to see how HMS can help you.